In the world of options trading, success often hinges on making timely decisions and harnessing market dynamics to your advantage. Let’s dive into a comprehensive review of the trades that took place in October 2023, covering various ticker symbols, expirations, and strategies.

AAPL: Navigating Apple’s Momentum

In early October, the focus was on Apple Inc. ($AAPL). The month kicked off with a well-timed call option play on 6OCT23 175C, yielding a 27.12% gain. The following day, a put option on 6OCT23 170P resulted in a 9.48% gain.

SPY: Riding the Market Waves

The SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust ($SPY) presented opportunities with both call and put options. On 3OCT23, a put option on 4OCT23 420P garnered an 11.82% gain. Later in the month, a put option on 13OCT23 420P resulted in a 21.26% gain. However, not all SPY trades were equally successful, as a call option on 11OCT23 425P faced a 25.47% loss.

QQQ: Capturing Upside and Downside

Trading the Invesco QQQ Trust ($QQQ) involved both call and put options. A put option on 6OCT23 363P and another put option on 11OCT23 368P achieved gains of 19.61% and 23.44%, respectively.

TSLA: Tesla’s Electrifying Moves

Tesla Inc. ($TSLA) offered enticing opportunities. A call option on 13OCT23 270C delivered a 37.88% gain. Conversely, a put option on 13OCT23 255P yielded a remarkable 176.32% gain.

GLD: Navigating Precious Metals

The SPDR Gold Trust ETF ($GLD) trade in October showcased the potential of options trading. A call option on 17NOV23 180C achieved an impressive 65.52% gain. Meanwhile, a call option on 27OCT23 184.5C soared to an astonishing 416.67% gain.

$AMD, $MSFT, $NVDA, and More

The month also saw trades in other prominent companies, including Advanced Micro Devices Inc. ($AMD), Microsoft Corporation ($MSFT), and NVIDIA Corporation ($NVDA), with notable gains and losses.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

While October 2023 featured a mix of profitable and less favorable trades, it underscored the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in the dynamic options market. Every trade provides valuable insights, whether it results in gains or losses.

Remember, trading involves inherent risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. It’s essential to conduct thorough research, exercise prudence, and stay updated on market trends before engaging in any trades.

Below is a recap of all trades we took in the pit for October 2023. You can take a look at the alert date, entry price, exit, and ticker. 

Alert DateTickerExpiry/StrikeAlerted EntryAlerted ExitGain/Loss %
10/2/23AAPL6OCT23 175C1.181.527.12%
10/3/23AAPL6OCT23 170P1.161.279.48%
10/3/23SPY4OCT23 420P1.11.2311.82%
10/5/23SPY13OCT23 420P3.013.6521.26%
10/6/23QQQ6OCT23 363P1.021.2219.61%
10/9/23SPY11OCT23 425P1.611.2-25.47%
10/9/23SPY10OCT23 433C1.351.457.41%
10/9/23SPY10OCT23 433C1.441.557.64%
10/10/23SHOP13OCT23 55C0.751.1553.33%
10/10/23TSLA13OCT23 270C2.643.6437.88%
10/10/23QQQ11OCT23 368P1.281.5823.44%
10/11/23AAPL13OCT23 177.5P1.21.1-8.33%
10/11/23MSFT13OCT23 330P2.112.39.00%
10/11/23NVDA13OCT23 460P4.154.33.61%
10/11/23NVDA13OCT23 460P4.54.50.00%
10/12/23AMD13OCT23 111C0.851.0725.88%
10/12/23NVDA13OCT23 475C3.123.925.00%
10/13/23TSLA13OCT23 255P1.524.2176.32%
10/16/23AAPL20OCT23 175P1.121.3318.75%
10/16/23SPY17OCT23 435P1.321.7129.55%
10/17/23GLD17NOV23 180C2.94.865.52%
10/17/23SPY17OCT23 435P0.551.0387.27%
10/18/23SPY19OCT23 431P1.551.26-18.71%
10/18/23SPY19OCT23 431P1.622.0727.78%
10/19/23DKNG20OCT23 28P0.430.53-23.26%
10/19/23DKNG20OCT23 28P0.370.4213.51%
10/19/23SPY20OCT23 428P1.652.0423.64%
10/20/23AAPL20OCT23 175P0.822.12158.54%
10/20/23TSLA20OCT23 212.5P0.872.7210.34%
10/23/23NVDA27OCT23 400P5.354.26-20.37%
10/23/23SPY24OCT23 424C1.681.86-10.71%
10/23/23SPY24OCT23 424C1.41.13-19.29%
10/24/23NFLX27OCT23 420C3.74.316.22%
10/24/23RBLX27OCT23 32C0.821.3969.51%
10/24/23SPY25OCT23 422P1.772.0314.69%
10/25/23SPY25OCT23 418P1.11.2513.64%
10/26/23QQQ27OCT23 347P25.03151.50%
10/26/23AAPL27OCT23 170P1.483.95166.89%
10/26/23GLD17NOV23 185C2.753.8540.00%
10/27/23AAPL27OCT23 167.5C1.161.4222.41%
10/27/23AMD27OCT23 96C0.441.41220.45%
10/27/23GLD27OCT23 184.5C0.31.55416.67%
10/30/23TSLA3NOV23 200P3.455.250.72%
10/31/23NVDA3NOV23 390P6.155.75-6.50%
10/31/23NVDA3NOV23 390P4.855.7518.56%

Futures Trading

In addition to options, the Theta Warrior Elite team actively ventured into the futures market, particularly focusing on NQ (E-mini Nasdaq 100 futures). This strategic move allowed for diversification and the opportunity to capitalize on the volatility and momentum within the technology-driven index. An image displaying the alert date, ticker, direction (long or short), alerted entry, alerted exit, and gain/loss points provides a clear snapshot of the team’s futures trading activities. The insights gained from these trades contribute to a comprehensive approach to trading, combining options and futures to maximize returns while managing risk.

Disclaimer: Trading involves risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Always conduct thorough research and consider seeking advice from qualified financial professionals before making any investment decisions.

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