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Discover exclusive BlackBox Stocks discount and TrendSpider discount for powerful trading tools, along with valuable insights from respected technical analyst Theta Warrior. Our goal is to provide traders of all levels with access to cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge.

With the BlackBox Stocks discount, experience a platform that scans multiple stock and options markets, offering real-time insights into volatile market movements and the impact of Net Options Delta (NOD). Enhance your trading strategies with the TrendSpider discount, an AI-powered platform that automates analysis and identifies patterns. Benefit from Theta Warrior’s expertise and his proprietary TW Pivot™️, designed to alert high-probability reversals. Take advantage of our exclusive discounts and elevate your trading with BlackBox Stocks, TrendSpider, and Theta Warrior’s insights.

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BlackBox Stocks

Discover the power of BlackBox Stocks, a cutting-edge trading tool designed to level the playing field for all investors. By leveraging algorithms similar to those used in highly profitable high-frequency trading (HFT) strategies, BlackBox Stocks continuously scans the NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, CBOE, and other options markets, analyzing over 8,000 stocks and up to 900,000 options contracts multiple times per second. With powerful alerts and an automated system that monitors over 11,000 stocks, you’ll be the first to know about the most volatile market movements before they happen.

In addition, our unique BlackBox Options Flow Scanner tracks large aggressive buying activity in specific options contracts, providing invaluable insights into unusual options activity driven by smart money. This information is an absolute game-changer for options traders! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to access technology previously reserved for Wall Street’s elite. Use our exclusive BlackBox Stocks discount code to get started and unlock the full potential of BlackBox Stocks today.



TrendSpider is a trading tool designed to automate tedious aspects of technical analysis, helping traders find more opportunities, avoid costly mistakes, and improve their trading. Built by traders, this platform offers a better way to build your watchlist using the Market Scanner feature. Define your technical conditions or choose from over 20 built-in scans to automatically find the best trading opportunities in the market.

Trading can be challenging due to external factors such as emotions, bias, and external influences. Many traders spend significant time manually analyzing charts, only to start from scratch the next day. This time-consuming process often hinders the ultimate goal of consistently profitable trades. TrendSpider streamlines this process, minimizing external influences and allowing traders to focus on developing a consistent technical strategy.

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Net Options Delta (NOD) is a formula used by market makers and traders to calculate the overall delta impact from multiple options trades. Each contract carries with it a different delta value and thus as each trade occurs this results in “pressure” either created or removed from the underlying.

“As a trader who watches flow very closely I understand the effect options can have on the overall market; often the tail will wag the dog. Understanding NOD allows us to see below the surface and interpret what it actually moving price. For example; price may rise as calls are bought and as well when puts are sold however, both scenarios carry different implications.” -Theta

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Theta Warrior is a respected technical analysist within the charting community. He is known for his simplistic approach and focus on what is truly important: price.

“After 1000’s of hours studying price charts I realized that there were certain situations where the probability was higher for a reversal then it was for continuation. After a great deal of research and adjustments I came up with the TW Pivot™️ which aims to alert said reversals. Technical analysis has changed my life for the better so it’s my pleasure to share this with the community in the hope that it will help others find success with their own trading.” -Theta

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