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BlackBox Stocks

“Our system continuously scans the NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, CBOE and all other options markets analyzing over 8,000 stocks, and up to 900,000 options contracts multiple times per second. Our algorithms are similar to those used in extremely profitable ‘high frequency trading’ (HFT) strategies. We are here to level the playing field offering you technology that has too often been reserved for large financial firms, hedge funds, and the Wall Street elite.”


“TrendSpider was built by traders to automate the most tedious parts of technical analysis. That way, you can find more opportunities, avoid costly mistakes, and improve your trading. Discover a better way to build your watchlist with Market Scanner. Define your own technical conditions, or choose one of more than 20 built-in scans, to automatically scour the market for the best trading opportunities.”

Enter code: TWP25 under “Coupon” at checkout.

Net Options Delta (NOD) is a formula used by market makers and traders to calculate the overall delta impact from multiple options trades. Each contract carries with it a different delta value and thus as each trade occurs this results in “pressure” either created or removed from the underlying.

“As a trader who watches flow very closely I understand the effect options can have on the overall market; often the tail will wag the dog. Understanding NOD allows us to see below the surface and interpret what it actually moving price. For example; price may rise as calls are bought and as well when puts are sold however, both scenarios carry different implications.” -Theta

Theta Warrior is a respected technical analysist within the charting community. He is known for his simplistic approach and focus on what is truly important: price.

“After 1000’s of hours studying price charts I realized that there were certain situations where the probability was higher for a reversal then it was for continuation. After a great deal of research and adjustments I came up with the TW Pivot™️ which aims to alert said reversals. Technical analysis has changed my life for the better so it’s my pleasure to share this with the community in the hope that it will help others find success with their own trading.” -Theta