Design | Test | Deploy

  • DESIGN your strategy using Prop-Alpha Basic or Prop-Alpha Pro structural and volume based tools.
  • TEST your strategy instantly, utilizing Prop-Alpha Pro Signal Series designed specifically to help you refine your edge.
  • DEPLOY your strategy and automate your trading with Prop-Alpha Pro Signal Deployer.

Over 30+ custom structural and volume-based tools, including our Signal Series, for trading Futures, Stocks, Crypto and Forex.  Prop-Alpha Pro allows traders access to custom settings for refining each tool to any product on any timeframe.  The Signal Series, included in Prop-Alpha Pro, features tools that give traders the power to design their own signals, instantly backtest those signals to refine risk and deploy their strategies automatically with a custom BOT.  All this PLUS all the Basic Studies are included.

*Requires Sierra Charts Package 11 or higher

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