TW Elite Options Trades July 14, 2023

Lotto Friday

Lotto Friday is an exhilarating day dedicated to engaging in high-risk, high-reward option trades with zero days to expire (0DTE). To ensure a seamless trading experience, DeltaWarrior and I leverage voice communication via Discord, guiding you through our analysis, entry points, stop-loss levels, and potential profit targets. Given the inherent risk involved, we strongly recommend scaling down your position sizes on Lotto Friday, as it adds an extra layer of caution to navigate this thrilling trading endeavor.

Here’s a recap of our trades on Lotto Friday:

Lotto Friday Results for 7/14/23

$TSLA (280C)
Entry: $1.94, Exit: $2.20, Result: +13.40%

$NFLX (455C)
Entry: $2.10, Exit: $1.00, Result: -52.38%

$TSLA (280C)
Entry: $1.95, Exit: $1.20, Result: -38.46%

$QQQ (381P)
Entry: $0.80, Exit: $2.39, Result: +198.75%

$AMZN (135P)
Entry: $0.14, Exit: $0.56, Result: +300.00%

Trade Summary

Lotto Friday proved to be a successful trading day overall. Our first move came at 9:54 am, as we took a shot at $TSLA calls and exited with a satisfying gain of 13%. However, our subsequent trades involving $NFLX at 10:15 am and our second $TSLA trade at 10:24 am resulted in losses. These losses serve as a reminder of why we opt for smaller position sizes on Lotto Fridays. Preserving the gains accumulated throughout the week is paramount.

Fortunately, our fortunes swiftly changed with remarkable put options plays on $QQQ at 10:56 am and $AMZN at 2:10 pm. Although our $QQQ trade experienced a temporary downturn, it eventually turned the tables, rewarding us with an impressive gain of 198.75%. It’s crucial to remember that Lotto Friday demands the willingness to hold through temporary losses.

Our final trade involving $AMZN puts delivered outstanding results. As $AMZN gradually faded throughout the afternoon, those who remained steadfast witnessed their put contracts generate remarkable profits of 300%.

All times provided are in EST.

Trading on Lotto friday

Lotto Friday captures the excitement of high-risk, high-reward options trading. By trading smaller position sizes, managing risk, and leveraging quick sell-offs to lock in gains, traders can navigate the potential pitfalls of theta erosion. While recent wins and losses reflect the strategy’s dynamic nature, effective risk management and informed decision-making are essential for success in the captivating world of Lotto Friday.

Remember, Lotto Friday can be risky and smaller size is what we use in the room. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for educational and informational purposes only. Trading involves risks, and past performance is not indicative of future results. Always consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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